Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sticks and stones

DONALD TRUMP claims to be the law and order candidate, and yet he consistently uses the intellectual property of other people without their permission and ignores their demands to stop using their material for his personal gain.

The musical groups Queen, Free and the O'Jays have all seen to their dismay Trump using songs of theirs to promote himself to the public. Each group has demanded he stop using their songs, and in each case he has totally ignored them.

So let's see how long turnabout is fair play. I'm using the logo of his campaign with one difference in the tagline. (You might have to zoom in to read it.) I dare you to ask me to take it down, Donnie.

Also, if you don't believe the man preaches hate, just look at what he did when he wrapped up his convention. The first campaign trip that any of his inner circle took was his eldest son's visit to Neshoba County, Mississippi. In particular Philadelphia, Mississippi, and he arrived just as the Democratic convention was ending in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

But that's not the coincidence that makes Trump Jr.'s visit so significant. It's significant because that's where three civil rights workers were murdered by a group of white citizens and police officers in the middle of the night on June 21, 1964. One of the victims was black.

Ronald Reagan made a beeline for Philadelphia, Mississippi, after his first convention in 1980, and it was no coincidence then, either. Trump is borrowing a page from the Reagan playbook. Nixon's too. Call yourself the "law and order" candidate as though cities were burning out of control, and prey on the racial and anti-immigration fears of white males in places like Neshoba County and western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio, and you might just gain enough votes in those enclaves to win key battleground states.

The fact that Trump would send his son to that location is just sickening. It's not like Mississippi is a swing state. The Democrats have no chance of prying that state out of Trump's little red hands. And yet that's the first place that a Trump went to as soon as the GOP convention was over. Disgusting.

But unlike 1980, this year we're not buying it. Trump is a crass, evil rich guy who's trying to rouse the working poor to fight his battle for him, much like Adolf Hitler did in the 1920s and early 30s to seize political power. Instead of Jews, Trump is picking on Muslims. I'm not saying he's going to round them up and exterminate them but he is going to round them up and get rid of them.

Since it's so easy to bait this fake billionaire, let's see if he sues me for using his trademarked logo without his permission.

While we're at it, since he's so fond of calling other people names, let's see what he's got when I resort to name-calling the way he does:

Melania = "The Whore Melania"

Ivanka = "The Dumb Blonde"

Donald Jr. = "Little Donnie"

Erik = "The Gay One"

Tiffany = "The Bitch"

Barron = "The Retard"

Are you mad, Mr. Trump? Maybe you'll understand now what you're doing to other people with your petty name-calling and blatant theft of other's work.